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Bellevue Burlingame

These two homes sit side by side in the upscale Belmont/Burlingame area. Both co-ed homes are beautifully furnished, with common living areas set up to mingle, watch TV or study. The upgraded kitchens have granite counter tops, beautiful hardwood floors and all needed appliances to cook your favorite meals. Amenities in both these homes include large screen TV's, Digital Cable, wireless internet access from the home computer, and free local & long distance phone service. Laundry facilities are on-site. These homes are within blocks of bus lines, Caltrans & Amtrak and it's just a short distance to a variety of shopping, dining and meetings. Two great TLC homes to choose from.

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203 Bellevue_Replacement_3

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203 Bellevue_Replacement_8


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201 Bellevue_Replacement_8 

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